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Language stands at the center of the many interdependent cognitive, affective, and social factors that shape learning.

                                                                      ---- David Corson


While improving students language A skills, CAIS offers a language B curriculum. So all students at CAIS can learn two languages or more.

Language A : Development of mother-tongue language is crucial for cognitive development and in maintaining cultural identity. It also has the potential to increase intercultural awareness and understanding, and enables students to remain in touch with, and maintain esteem for, the language, literature and culture of their home country.

CAIS works with parent and teacher community to provide various opportunities for the support of Mother Tongue: Big Readers Project, International Day, Mother Tongue Week are just a few successful initiatives that help our students celebrate their identity and mother-tongue.


Language B: To encourage the respect for and understanding of other languages and cultures  it is recognized that the teaching of language should be in response to previous experiences, needs and interests of the students, rather than the consequence of a predetermined, prescriptive model for delivering language.