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Instructional technology across the curriculum.

CAIS is a leader in the use of educational technologies across the curriculum. Through our ICT integration efforts CAIS incorporates a variety of tools and services that allow teachers to teach 21st Century skills. These tools range from 1:1 devices, including iPads and laptops to smartboards, computer labs, games-based learning, virtual worlds, mobile learning, Web 2.0 and more. At CAIS we consider pedagogy alongside technology and seek ways as educators to weave technology tools and services throughout the learning experience. Our teachers are up-to-date with the latest efforts across IB education in using instructional technology tools. 

iPads at CAIS

CAIS is now a 1:1 iPad schools across PYP and MYP through our current iPad Pilot Programme. Our ICT Team are helping to integrate iPads into the teaching and learning environment through studies, research and outreach into the learning community. We run workshops and other initiatives to spread best practice and awareness of how to use iPads to transform learning. 

Games-based learning and Virtual Worlds

CAIS is a pioneer in the use of games-based learning tools and virtual worlds in the classroom. We regularly use emerging tools and services in our IB Technology strand as well as other subject areas to help students learn programming, 3D design, and systems thinking. Through the incorporation of pedagogy with emerging developments in digital games-based learning students are introduced to location-based, experiential and project-based learning using a variety of the latest games-based techniques and services, including: Gamestar MechanicCodecademyArisSecond LifeMinecraftQuest Atlantis and many more. CAIS is actively involved in cutting edge research into the use of games-based learning and iPads using many Apps and services.


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