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CAIS Welcomes all Parents who are interested in CAIS: who wish to consult call or visite the website. The Admissions is very glad to answer questions which are concerns of the parents.


All applicants will be interviewed by the Principal or Co-ordinators of the School. Some diagnostic tests will be arranged to help Admissions understand that some applicants may have special prior considerations at learning needs. For those applicants who are not English native speakers or have never studied under an English speaking education or IB system, they need to take an entrance examination arranged by CAIS. Students should pay RMB2400 for registration and RMB200 for the test.

Admissions send the students to the correct classes according to their age and the results of the entrance examinations.

Note:Pre-K students should be at least 3 years old when they start; Kindergarten students must be at least 4 to 5 years old before 1st, September and students in Grade One must be at least 5 or 6 years old before September 1st.

Each student should complete the Registration File CAAF04 and hand it to Admissions 15 working days in advance of enrolment. After registering by Admissions, the form will be a part of the student file. Usually, the Registration Fille includes Application form, Two photographs, Copy of passport (front page & visa page) , Health information and records, Immunization record, Transcripts/Reports (translated to English), Entrance exam, Special Considerations, Parent Contract, Tuition Statement, Insurance Statement, Emergency Release Statement, Pick-up/ Drop off Statement, Library Lending Agreement, Photo waiver Student Achievement Wavier, Student’s Visa Statement.

Admissions will send the Payment Notice by e-mail to parents. All fees should be paid on time before a new student starts.