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The Registration Fee must be paid and the Registration Forms duly completed and signed before a prospective student will be allowed to sit for placement tests to determine the prospective student’s entry grade.

A. Tuition is paid on an academic year’s basis. Cash cannot be accepted.
B. All fees must be paid by the due date as stated on the invoice. Students will not be allowed to attend classes if the Tuition and Fees are not paid in full.
C. Fees for the New Academic Year must be paid no later than August 15.
D. If a student arrives part way through the semester, the family needs to pay all the fees within one week. If not, CAIS has the right to inform the family and the student will not be allowed to attend classes.

Note: For applications during the year, tuition fees,lunch and transportation fees will be calculated on a monthly pro-rata basis of a 10-month period, inclusive of the month in which the student plans to start attending School. Capital Levy and Stationery Fees will be calculated annually.

A. Parents/guardians may enjoy a five percent (5%) discount on the annual Tuition Fees only (excluding other school fees) if paid before June 1 of the following academic year.
B. Sibling Discount
C. The younger student whose sibling already studies at CAIS receives 10% discount on the Tuition Fee (excluding other school fees).
D. For scholarship students
This item is for the student who is given a scholarship including full scholarship and Principal’s scholarship. For full scholarships, parents/guardians need not pay the Tuition Fee (excluding other school fees). For the Principal’s scholarship, Parents/ guardians need not pay half of the Tuition Fee (excluding other school fees).

4. Refund 

A.After school starts the capital levy fee, registration fee, stationery fee and new students fee are not refundable. Lunch and transportation can be refunded. However, they can only be refunded for the following month if the student applies for the refund before 20th of the month before.

B.Tuition Refund Policy

Note:* All the fees are calculated by the whole month. 

      *The withdrawals take effect from the date when school receives the application.  

      *CAIS will only give the refund after getting the invoice back which school has issued.

(Posted on Dec 15, 2017)