The PTA is a voluntary organisation which provides a formal conduit for two-way communication between parents, teachers and the school board. Its aim is to connect with and support CAIS''''multi-cultural and multi-lingual school community and to involve itself in fund-raising activities to help out with nominated charities and school requirements.

It is a vital force within the school community for social functions which involve the students, their families and staff. It supports and participates in activities which benefit all students at the school.

Parents, guardians and teachers of CAIS are automatically members of the PTA.

The PTA relies on volunteers to ensure the success of PTA programs. We are always in need of new members to contribute ideas and take part in the planning and executing of events. There is something to fit every parent’s interest - classroom participation, fund-raising and administration, organizing and running events, etc.


PTA Events

Welcome Evening
- An informal evening for new parents to meet teachers, staff, and other CAIS parents within the first few weeks of school.

Christmas Market - The PTA committee, parents, and school staff come together to organize our annual Christmas Market. A portion of the money raised is donated to the Siping Foster Home. Remaining funds support future PTA events.

Dinner Dance - We have an evening of dinner, music and dance. It’s a great night when many parents, students, staff, and friends come together.

Dragon Boat Race - In celebration of China’s annual Dragon Boat Festival, we host a Dragon Boat race in the pool at the school. Many CAIS students, either individually or in groups, design small boats to enter into the race. Token prizes awarded. There is a large BBQ after the races.


PTA Operational Guidelines


Parents, guardians and teachers of CAIS are automatically members of the PTA and therefore can actively participate in all PTA activities.  The Principal is a non-voting ex-officio member.

Executive Committee

The committee will usually comprise 4 members; a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer. Committee positions will be made vacant at the beginning of each school year and filled through a system of nominations at the first meeting of the year.  A vote will operate if there is more than one person nominated for a position.


A sub-committee will be formed to oversee the running of specific PTA events or specific PTA initiatives. Sub-committees will be required to report back to the PTA at each meeting on progress and outcomes.  Sub-committees will be required to submit a budget to the PTA and have any expenditure approved by the PTA.


(i) Frequency: PTA meetings will be held once every 2 months or more frequently if determined as necessary by the committee.

(ii) Attendees: Meetings are open to all members of the PTA.

(iii) Agenda: There will be an agenda for each meeting and minutes will be taken.  The agenda will be made available at least 2 days before the meeting.

(iv) Quorum: At least 9 members need to be present for a meeting to run and for voting to operate.

(v) Motions and voting:

a. Where possible, motions should be presented within the agenda.

b. If necessary, motions can be tabled until the following meeting.

c. Prior to voting on a motion, there will be opportunity for discussion.

d. Each member is entitled to a single vote.

e. The majority wins a vote.


Last updated: 23 October 2015.


PTA Executive Committee Members 2015 - 2016

Co-chairperson:       Celia Stander

Co-chairperson:       Yu Ming Zhao

Secretary:            Clare Halliday                                

Treasurer:            Gui Li Song