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Learning Support Services at CAIS

Changchun American International School is committed to the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.  The IB maintains high academic standards to prepare students for success. Upon completion of the Diploma Program, students are mentally, physically, and intellectually ready to succeed in college programs around the world.

At the same time, we are committed to the success of every CAIS student. We realize that some students need extra help at times.  Our learning support program is designed to help students who need extra help to acquire basic academic skills in the areas of reading mechanics (phonics/word analysis); reading comprehension; and basic arithmetic. 

Learning support services are listed below.

1.We offer services supplementing the standard curriculum as often as possible, without removing students from their regular classes. 
2.We offer basic diagnostic/ achievement assessment.  We have normative assessments (USA standards) and criterion referenced assessments to diagnose skill gaps and plan effective instruction.  These assessments include The Wechsler Fundamental Academic Skills Assessment; the Young Children’s Achievement Test; The Phonics-Based Reading Test; and the Preschool Behavior Checklist.
3.Occasionally, when necessary, we offer short-term services during the regular curriculum time.  These tutorial sessions are provided in basic reading, language, and arithmetic skills. 
4.We offer learning support services in intensive small group settings with a qualified learning support specialist.

Our goal is success for every student.