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Dear friends, from this wechat edition, we bring you more reports about our CAIS DP graduate's interview.

Name:David Liu 

First Day in School:08th November 2012

The following is David Liu's Interview

First of all, we’d like to congratulate you on getting an offer from the University of Toronto. You must be excited.

 Very excited, I never thought I would be accepted, because I thought my score might not be good enough!

What did you do when you learned this news?

I was in my Math class when I received an unexpected email; it showed” Toronto University Offer”. Actually, I had gotten two offers already, but THIS one…I never imagined it! But it happened! My mind immediately went blank. But once I shared with my family and friends, I was excited. I felt exhilarated by an unexpected favor!

Has your life changed a lot during this time? If so, can you tell us what has changed?

At least for some of CAIS’ Chinese students, the most obvious change is their language ability. I joined in CAIS in the middle of Grade 9(in China, it is the last year of high school). At the beginning, my English was not good, but CAIS’s English atmosphere and various of activities totally enriched my life, it even changed my character, I opened my heart to communicate. So, this was the biggest change for me. 

David Liu in previous school

2015 David Liu and CAIS teachers

You took the IELTS test, what was your score? Which 6 IB subjects did you choose?

Chinese A SL, English B HL, Chemistry HL, Economics HL, Mathematics SL, German (ab initio) My IELTS score was 7.5.

Can you share with us your application process, your major and your information about your enrollment?

I found difficulties when I wrote my Application Essay, I changed it many times, but I still didn’t feel satisfied untill now. Well, I chose Bioscience as my Major, I think I chose it because my family have some relationships with this subject, all my family is working in the pharmaceuticals industry, as I mentioned in my essay. I also gave my personal opinion, I hope one day I could take Chinese Traditional Medicine to overseas. So, as you can see, I focused on the major points, this helped me a lot. I also expressed some other hobbies, I even mentioned my experience of loosing weight( I was 125KG before, after 2 months summer vacation, I lost 35KG).

David Liu in previous school

2015 CAIS David Liu(1st Left) with his friends

To be honest, I don’t want to limit my major only in Bioscience. Well, here I really appreciate CAIS, since CAIS has given me so many opportunities. I have grown to become a brave man to explore somethings which I previously only ”thought or imagined”. Nowadays I love video making and photography, upon which I found I have talent, previously unknown to me in my previous school.

David Liu Photography works

I chose some American universities which have strong points on Media, and for some of them I also chose Bioscience. It was not a easy job for me, IB examinations, application essays and many kinds of materials left me exhausted, but now, I can finally take a deep breath.

CAIS group photo David Liu(front row 2nd Left)

Now, let’s look back to your initial time in CAIS, do you still remember your CAIS entrance examination?

Of courseBefore, I just heard there was an International School in Changchun. I was struggling in my last school, so my record was very low. My family and I considered an International education could be more suitable for me. My mother expressed that” If you chose CAIS, this is your last fight to win or die! “ I have the motivation to study different curriculum subjects in CAIS, so I started my entrance examination right away.

Great! Please talk about your entrance examination.

I had heard that Mathematics needed to be done in English, so I was worried about this. On that day, the 1st exam was an Oral test with 3 foreign interviewers. This has never happened before in my life. The school principal himself interviewed me which impressed me! To be honest, my English was Chinglish, and I didn’t have any confidence. Another two subjects were Maths and Chinese. One test which impressed me greatly was the Chinese Oral Test!! I had never had the training before. When I got home, I lost my confidence and told my mum my worries… Then I went back to my school, never wishing for a miracle, but one afternoon, I received a call from my mum, and she told me to clean out my stuff as I was going to CAIS tomorrow!! Usually, my reaction is unique when I receive surprising news, my mind would be blank and float around the ground without any movement. It also happened when I received my offer from the University! Then one hour later, I spoke to myself that I would be going to CAIS tomorrow! Yeah!! OK, that was my CAIS entrance examination. 

2015 “The Night of Chopin” Piano Benefit Concert

In recent years you participated in many activities in CAIS, what do you think about all these?

Yes, I participated in many different kinds of school activities. I am also very grateful to school, because of Personal Project (individual design), I developed my interest in video production aspect, I used to make a school video and mini movie which all helps me to apply media universities. 

David Liu: Personal Project

If our school had not provided so many rigorous learning opportunities, I would have never known that I had such talent in photography!

Being TA in New Oriental

Internship in CTV

Many parents feel confused. They thought it would be very relaxed to study here. After you started here, what do you think of it so far?

Many students and parents have asked me: Is it easy to study at an international school? Or is it just play time until a student goes abroad? First of all, I want to say the atmosphere at Changchun American International School does not prepare everyone for overseas universities! To succeed, a student must embrace the IB program, have a deep understanding of it and have a strong desire to succeed. A few years ago, I was the first student in Changchun to experience the IB program. That has changed the past three years; now a lot more people are accepting an IB education at CAIS, including my own sister who is studying at an IB school in Shenzhen. Nowadays, every minute I spend studying and every essay I finish at CAIS is preparing me to study abroad. All my efforts have been worth it!  

David Liu: Organizer of 2015 Blood Donation

As the class of 2016 graduates, what kind of experiences at CAIS would you like to share with others?

I am very concerned about our new students. Transferring from a non-IB school, like a Chinese school, to a slightly more relaxed environment like CAIS is a lot pressure. It will seem to be easy at first but do not indulge yourself in that temporary moment.


I also want to mention to new students who want to take the entrance exam for CAIS: you will feel it is very easy at first with IB, but you must remain focused on your English ability and then use them in your class experiences. After all, for most Chinese students, language is the first difficulty we need to overcome to succeed. In addition, do not procrastinate! For Diploma Programme students, you will have only a few exercise papers but a lot of essays instead. It will be like this for the 2 years of the DP program. If you want to be lazy today, you will find out that two or three essay you have stayed up all night to finish will be really bad or of poor quality.  


The IB emphasizes more attention to self-directed learning ability. On the other hand, Chinese have a more spoon-feeding education system. The IB focuses on self-understanding, so reviewing and previewing is more important. You must review and summarize all points you have learned after school. Do not procrastinate!


You will cherish your DP time. Right now in our graduating class, we have eight Chinese students.Perhaps, if I was in a normal Chinese high school, I would say I have only one or two friends, but because of IB, I now have seven life-long friends! Maybe in the future I will tell my children, ”Look at this uncle, he was my best friend in high school.”


Because of opportunities provided by IB, we can develop our cooperative and open-minded spirits to the maximum, which have been some of my greatest achievements at CAIS. I hope that one day you all can develop these kinds of friendships.

2015 Graduation Ceremony, with DP1 students 

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