CAIS学子HMUN载誉而归-一起分享属于我们的特殊回忆 Sharing our HMUN memory

2016-03-30 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

CAIS has the immense pleasure to announce that our HMUN Delegation has won two awards. Marta won Honorable Mention for the United Nations Conference on Women. And Nancy won the Outstanding Delegate award for International Atomic Energy Agency.


They must have a lot that they want to share with us, here is what they had to say:


Sanjeev: Actually this was the 5th year that CAIS has attended this conference, and 2016 was the first time we won an award, actually 2 awards. HMUN is called Harvard Model United Nations . HMUN is the biggest event in China, more than 1000 students from all over the world attend this event each year, and most of the students are from IB schools.

Basically, HMUN has 3 kinds of awards

1.     Best delegate - there is only one for every committee,

2.     Outstanding Delegate - depending on the size of the committee, there are two or three awards

3.     Honorable Mention - depending on the size of the committee there are 2 or 3 or more.


一般来说, HMUN设有三个奖项,

1.     最佳代表-通常一个委员会只授予一个

2.     杰出委员-依据委员会大小,一般授予两到三个或者更多

3.     荣誉提名奖-依据委员会大小,一般授予两到三个或者更多

After registration, researching, debating, and practicing for a long time made our students to feel more confident facing unpredictable challenges.


“If lost, return to Sanjeev” Funny Group photo by HMUN team(Ms Anita 1st Left,Marta 3rd Right,Nancy 3rd Left)

“如果走丢了,回头找Sanjeev吧”可爱的HMUN团队合影(Anita老师 左一,Marta 右三,林佳蓓 左三)

Marta: Although we had 13 students, but we had to go to our assigned committee and compete with other outstanding students. Some of them were even 12 years old, and knew more than 3 languages which really impressed me.


Nancy: During the debating time, we raised our placard, and got only 1 minute speaking time, which was really a challenge for us, because you have to clearly express yourself and convince others. The judges would give their evaluation on your expression, leading ability and contribution which was decided by the final consultation among them. So you see, you should be very balanced so that you could give the judges a good impression.


Marta:In the committee, you may find out that countries have conflicting views which means you really need to concentrate on your words, even if you had a strong argument to persuade them. You had to let other people convince you during the debate.


Handsome students and handsome teacher “Do I look like I’m in FBI?”


Nancy: Actually, HMUN has a ”Best delegation” award, the winner could be a school, if the school’s delegates won many awards, they may have more chances to get this award. What we really want to see is that one day our school can win this award.


Nice suit, everybody!


Marta: Some of the students were really great, we could see from their speaking, good manner, wonderful debating skills, and the way they expressed themselves. When you were debating you didn’t have much time to think, which meant you had to know what you wanted to say, and you had things to speak fast to save the time. Oh, even lunch time, we had to run to grab food, because we had to discuss and time was limited. You really felt nervous because more than 100 people were sitting in a room, and they all wanted to say something, they would just speak without stopping and thinking. 

我 见到了好多特别优秀的同学,你从他们的讲话,谈吐,辩论技巧等等方面就看得出来这个人的综合素质。那么当你开始辩论的时候你是没有时间去思考的,这需要你 清晰的知道你要说什么,语速要快,因为时间有限。哦,甚至是我们的午餐时间,我们都要跑着去拿食物,因为留给我们讨论的时间总是不够用。你会感到空前的紧 张因为你和100多名学生同时坐在一个会议室里,每个人都跃跃欲试,一旦人们开始说话,就会滔滔不绝,甚至不容你思考。 

Hey, Mr Sanjeev, see I got an award

嘿,Mr Sanjeev,我得了一个奖耶

Nancy: In my conference room, although we only had around 20 students, but at least 15 of them were so positive to debate, they raised their placard to say something which brought me great pressure. But we were happy because finally this year we got 2 awards, which means that organizers will reconsider our school, they may give us some bigger countries next year. We believe it is a good beginning and a wonderful start.


Mr Sanjeev, I got one too~

Mr Sanjeev,我也得了一个呢~

Sanjeev: From my perspective, I strongly suggested our students attend this activity, because it was a great chance and very good experience when applying to universities. This year we also saw many young students from grade 9 or even younger, I knew one girl from America was only 12 years old. So my suggestion would be that if you are interested in MUN, please join us ASAP. For example, it was Nancy’s 3rd year of participating in this event, she used 2 years to get used to the procedure, and finally earned this reward. HMUN needs your knowledge, the ability of researching and debating, how to manage yourself, social skills and many other abilities which are beyond your expectations. Therefore, what I want to say is that taking more chances and challenging yourself would provide more opportunities in the future.


Victory Celebration, Indian Restaurant~



I believe HMUN will be a great memory for all the team members. CAIS wants to say: Good job, guys! We hope this HMUN challenge has inspired you to be a better YOU!!


Did you still remember the joyful dancing on Saturday’s “Earth Village” show? Now let’s review the dance.(Suggest playing in wifi area)

还记得星期六“地球村”那个让人惊艳的舞蹈吗? 让我们在重温一次吧!(建议wifi情况下播放)

Do you want to join HMUN? If so, please find Ms Anita or Mr Sanjeev!!

现在,你想加入HMUN 团队吗?如果决定了,那就快找Ms AnitaMr Sanjeev吧!! 

Welcome to leave your comments~


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