Agustin Hugo Onsari
My name is Agustín Onsari. I was born in Argentina and began my teaching career more that 30 year ago. In 2004 I was trained as an IB educator; since then I planned and facilitated more than 50 face to face workshops in different parts of the world. I also plan and facilitate online workshops, they give me the opportunity to be in contact with educators from all around the world. During these years I was able to work in different countries and expand my mind interacting and learning from different communities in Argentina, Brazil, USA, Colombia and now in China. I have the privilege to work with an excellent group of educators that have very high expectations, are planning thoughtfully and working hard to inspire and guide all our students. As PYP educators we believe that students can acquire knowledge, understand concepts, master skill and develop attitudes that will allow them to take action for their benefit, the benefit of society and nature.