IB DP Accreditation Certification

Dear Changchun American International School Community:

 On April 30, 2008, Changchun American International School received its authorization as an International Baccalaureate Organization Diploma Program World School.

 The authorization letter was from the Director General of IBO in Geneva, Jeffrey R. Beard.

 This means that effective immediately, the school can offer the Diploma Program. However, program implementation will begin in September, 2008 with a class of 11th grade students. Grade 12 will be offered in 2009-2010.

 Students graduating from this program will be eligible to attend over 2,000 universities worldwide. Higher level courses in the program are regarded as Advanced Placement, and can count towards university credit.

 This authorization is an important milestone for Changchun American International School as it seeks to provide a global standard education to the students and families it serves.