CAIS CAS action

爱的传递—IB CAS 进行时 IB CAS action

2015-11-05 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

Without any wonderful advertising, we just want to offer our help even it is a tiny thing. We hope our action can arouse peoples reflection, inspire positive ideas and spread our love.

--- CAIS CAS action Nov.04,2015



In the morning of Nov.04,2015, four teams gathered by CAIS MYP students set out.

2015114日清早,4队由CAIS 中学部组成的CAS 团队分别前往各自的扶助对象,

The four places were:


CAIS blood donation

CAIS 义务献血

Animal Shelter


Nursing Home: Liujia Zhangfengying Old Solider Compound


Yongkang Special Education School


|Team 1 CAIS blood donation|

|第一小队 CAIS 义务献血|

Students prepared many snacks and softdrinks for the blood donators, which warmed every kind donator.


Maybe someday your blood can give another person an opportunity to live again! CAIS appreciated all the blood donators,thank you for your love!

也许有一天你们的血液会成为某个人生命的支撑!在这里CAIS 感谢所有参与义务献血的爱心人士,感谢你们的爱心,感谢你们的无私!

|Team 2 Animal Shelter|

|第二小队 动物庇护所|

What is respect? Can we think about it in another way? Every living thing in the world has the right to live in the world!


After driving for 1 hour, team 2 arrived at the shelter, cleaned the yard, emptied trash, and offered the comfort to the animals.


We wish that animals are no abandoned in the world, we are equal to all the livings.


|Team 3 Liujia Zhangfengying Old Soldier Compound|

|第三小队 刘家张凤英老兵大院|

The old soldiers stories moved all the students, they told us of their honor to fight for their country. Although some of them were already elderly, the songs they sung, the facial expressions they had, we could still see the unyielding national spirit.


We brought the food and students shared their performances, which was got a huge applause.


They shook hands with our students for a long time, which was the only way that they can express their appreciation.Thank you for your memories, thank you for your care!


|Team 4 Yongkang Special Education School|

|第四小队 永康特教学校|

There is a group of kids, who need more care,more respect and protection, CAIS students decided to interact with these special kids.


"Thank you for accompanying me, I wish time could pass slower and slower and I wish I could have more time to listen to another story."


Play time, every kid loved this part, they were so happy!


The students will remember this warm morning, Special Education School, we will visit again!

纪念这个温暖的上午,特教学校,CAIS 还会再来!

CAS is a framework for learning, that is designed to involve young people in new roles. The emphasis is on learning by doing real tasks that have real consequences and then reflecting on these experiences over time. The most meaningful CAS experience comes from spending time with others to build relationships and develop the self-worth of both server and served.


Today’s CAS action was over, but caring is not the end, see you on the next CAS action day!


长春美国国际学校于2007年6月经国家教育部批准成立,现已成为国内14所同时通过国际文凭组织大学预科项目(高中部)、中学项目(初中部)和小学项目(小学部)的国际学校之一。国际文凭组织(IBO)高中学历(DP) 在全球范围内被广泛认可,世界2,5000多所大学均接受并优先录取国际文凭(IB)学生,包括哈佛、耶鲁、牛津、北京大学、美国常青藤大学等知名学府。

Changchun American International School is the first and only international school for 3-19 year olds established in the Jilin Province. We are currently one of the 14 IB schools with DP, MYP and PYP accreditation in China. Final approval for the opening of CAIS was granted by the Ministry of Education June 2007. IB Diploma is widely recognized all over the world and IB students routinely gain admission to more than 2,500 universities, including Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Beijing University, and the American Ivy League, etc.


We welcome aged 3-18 students, and we are looking forwardto your visit.










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