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2017-12-08 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

Since this article, CAIS official Wechat will publish more CAS (Creativity Action and Service)course’s World News Project. So far, there are 7 students in this group. The aim of this group is not only sharing different nations’ news with other students, but also learning the varieties of cultures, history, current events and politics. We have 2 nations’ news written by South Korean student Jinny Cho(MYP5) and German/Mozambican student Yolanda Erika Brückner(DP1) this time. Now enjoy your reading!

本期微信,我们将为您推送CAS(创造、行动与服务)课程下的“世界新闻”主题栏目。目前有7位同学负责编写新闻,该项目的目的是让来自不同国家的同学分享自己国家的新闻,从而互相了解不同国家的民族文化与历史,时事与政治等等。这期微信Jinny Cho(MYP5) Yolanda(DP1)同学将会和我们分享韩国和莫桑比克的新闻。

Earthquake hitting South Korea postponing the Final Exam

Written by Jinny Cho MYP5

On November 15th, there was an earthquake in South Korea. The Richter magnitude scale was 5.4 which was quite significant and robust. Even though the earthquake was  only happening in one area which is called Pohang. Seoul, the capital city of  South Korea which is far from Pohang, could also feel that the land was shaking as well since the magnitude was quite high. This event affected not only the local people there but also the whole country.

The most significant effect that this earthquake brought about was toward candidates who were about to have an examination. According to the scheme from the government, the following day was the day of taking College Scholastic Ability Test which is highly significant to high school students. Students already visited the schools they are going to take the test and prepared for it. However, at the same day in the afternoon, the government announced that this test would be canceled, and it postponed to next weekday. Since this test is taken by the senior students of the whole country, the parents of them complained for delaying this exam. There are still remaining after shocks and people are concerned if they still have it even after one week.

150 arrested in Mozambique following deadly protests 

Written by Yolanda Erika Brückner DP1

Violent protests that have resulted in 13 deaths over the government’s decision to increase bread prices by 30 percent followed after the police in Mozambique arrested nearly 150 people.

 Burnt-out truck on a road in Maputo 

A little sign of a reoccurrence of the protests in the capital Maputo, mainly by young men assembled in part by anonymous text messages calling for action.

Whether due to a judicious technical malfunction or deliberate jamming by the authorities, mobile telephone users in Mozambique reported being unable to send texts.

The Police are now trying to find out who were the protest ringleaders. So far, the opposition parties have denied any involvement.

Police spokesman Joaquin Selemane told a local broadcaster that six people had been arrested over the weekend on suspicion of sending the rally text messages.

Until now, three more were arrested a few days ago, accused of trying to spread the protests to the northern province of Nampula.

Mr. Selemane said another 142 people have been arrested on suspicion of vandalism and theft over the burning of tires and attacking of cars.

The Police numbers were increased in Maputo, and there are rumors of more unrest to come.

But according to America Ubisse, who heads the Red Cross operation in the country, the situation has remained calm.

Moreover, Opposition parties and human rights groups have criticised the government, saying it failed to gauge the anger that would be unleashed by a 30 percent bread price rise and increases in water and electricity tariffs.

Furthermore, Around 450 people were injured in addition to those killed following clashes with police using rubber bullets from Wednesday until Friday last week.

Mozambique’s health minister Ivo Garrido said that the numbers of dead had risen.

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