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2017-04-01 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

Name: Tian, Zheng Yang(Corey)


First Day at school: Nov.03, 2014

Hello, Corey, I am very glad to have an interview with you. The video you showed for MYP5 Personal Project (PP) showcase was awesome and very professional. We are going to talk about the procedure of this PP.

When did you start to prepare the PP?

Actually, I started to prepare it in January of 2017. At that time, there was no confirmed theme. I had completed a short film about 3 minutes before and I had a little bit of experience in it. Therefore, I decided to make a film with the theme of thrill and horror.

Why did you choose to make a thriller? And why did you turn to Mr. Pawel as your guidance director?

When I chose the theme of the film, I had made many preparations and considerations.I had listed all types of films and listed each advantage and disadvantage. The reason of choosing a thriller as the ultimate choice was the lower costs compared with the other types. It was very difficult for a student to choose science or action films because both needed much higher costs and special effect actors of science or action movies since they needed many post-productions. I chose a thriller as the final choice not only due to the naughty boy I was and I liked to play tricks but also because the thriller did not need VFX and it just needed some acceptable props. Meanwhile, once the design of the angle of the lens could be reached, a thriller with the sense of entertainment could be achieved.

 In order to finish the thriller, what preparations did you fulfill?

I carried the basic procedure of each film. Besides, I also did some researches on the knowledge and technology of films. First of all, I learned how to use camera, screenwriting and music production (I had fundamental knowledge on this aspect). After that, I continued to think about the outline of the film. I firstly made the storyboard and then the screenplay. There were not too many words but the main content was the usage of the camera. However, the most important factor of the whole film was the storyboard; it required me to make detailed explanation for the film and relative shots. These explanations concluded the angle of the camera, shoot skill and arranged listed shots, etc. Although my film was just 14 minutes, I had divided more than 200 sub-shots and made more than 200 storyboards. And then it was props, including fake blood, black cloth, and LED, etc.

How long did it take you to make shots? How long for the post-edit? Except for the finished film, do you have other products to show us?

I spent 10 days on pre-production, 7 days on making shots, 5 days on post-production and 8 days on making sound effects. There was nearly one month in total to make this product. I thought that my work was the most complicated.Others were trying to gain one skill but I needed to learn more than 3 skills and my choice was very challenging for me. It was more complex, but I still enjoyed the process. Moreover, I also exhibited my storyboard and explained each shot of the film and so on.

During the preparation and production, what was the most serious difficulty for you? Had you ever thought about giving up?

Never give up! The biggest difficulty for me was to focus my attention on two things.One was to make film and the other one was the PP report and my diary. So at the beginning, everything was in a mess and I was tired. I needed a long time to edit every day after school and also needed to write a report and do a final edit in the last week. I stayed up until midnight and even over night to 2:00AM.In fact, it could be seen as a kind of failure because I did not predict that I would spend so much time.

You have paid so much efforts to this PP, what is your greatest achievement?

First, I learned so many things from PP, such as time management skills, I learned from it because I gave myself too short a time before. Meanwhile, my work was also my achievement: I was so proud of my work. I still remembered when I played the film for my parents and students, I was staring at them all the time in order to observe which shot made them feel scared and which gave a normal reaction so as to accumulate experience for my next work.

 Do you have some experiences to share with MYP4 students?

Recently, I have heard that some students said PP was so easy and I could do nothing but just smile, because I felt the same at first. Actually I found it was not easy at all. When it comes to the choice of the theme, it needs to be reasonable. Then, what I want to share with you is to manage your time wisely. I suggest that you write a plan when you are doing the PP, and you need to follow your plan so that you have sufficient time. My plan was in haste and not so ideal. My post-sound effect was done by myself and I did not make a good plan, I thought 3 days would be enough but it turned out to be 8 days.

The students in MYP4, the completed work is not the only reference for grading, the more important thing is the process of your learning and completion of the project.

In the future, do you want to choose a university with an excellent film major? Or it is just your hobby? Do you have other interests?

Yes, I have preference for the University of South California, it offers excellent design majors. I have two expectations about my future direction; one is film making and the other one is design. I have many hobbies. I like music production and I am working on impromptu piano performances and to use software to make rock songs. I also like painting and so on.

Do you have similar experiences of PP at traditional school? From your point, what are the differences of learning methods and thinking styles between IB and traditional schools? What kind of influence will IB bring to you?

I have never had similar experiences like PP. I was just learning and attending to exams before. The cultivation direction of IB was different. The traditional school regards results as most important. But IB pays more attention to the process, it means the process of acquiring knowledge. It is also the key point of the IB evaluation. The thinking of the traditional school is to make students learn and master the knowledge but the IB focus is to recreate and express what you have learned. I think what IB school teaches me the most is creative thinking. Really thanks to CAIS and thanks to IB for giving us the opportunity to showcase our skills!

Corey(Left 6th)

I am going to attend a teenager micro-movie festival and I will make another film to compete, I am going to make a feature film. If I could win the prize, I would go to Hollywood to learn for one month as an intern. I would try my best!

Corey's film <Fear the Darkness>

Suggest playing in wifi area

Corey told us when he met trouble during making the film, he always smiled showing a positive attitude. We believed the smile was the calm after he had experienced all the difficulties and also the self-confidence after the failure! The most valuable was that Corey never thought about giving up no matter how difficult the process was, he insisted on his dream and finished his first micro-movie production with his perseverance. We believe his future will be more successful because of his strong faith.

In fact,the IB Personal Project is to set students in a region which is never experienced and to make them learn to use their own power to learn the skills and also express themselves in a creative way, which can be a precious learning experience. It contains the students’ feelings after failure and the happiness after succeeding as well as the excitement and understanding of recreation brought by the unknown world.So when it comes to the achievement, there is nothing that could compare with achievement, faith and ability!

Students in MYP5, do you enjoy yourselves during the process?

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