36国学生共庆CAIS国际日-小小地球村,大大和平梦 This is our International Day!

2017-10-20 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

Today, CAIS 36 different nationalities, more than 500 students gathered together to celebrate our International Day. We wish our little global village peace.

今天,CAIS 36个不同国籍的500余名学生,带着属于他们不同的梦与希望汇聚一起:共筑我们的小小地球村,只为守护我们自己的和平梦。

On the morning of 20th October, CAIS was filled with a joyful atmosphere. Students had the “Passports” and played a Scavenger Hunt game. All the country tables were designed by a different class. Have you ever tried to travel to 36 countries within 1 hour? Isn’t it cool?


When traveling in our corridor, you cannot stop yourself taking photos. You would be attracted by those unfamiliar countries and impressed by so many interersting exhibit items. Therefore, in spite of the differences of skin colors, languages, thoughts or customs, we all share one theme. This is what CAIS wants every student to know: Show your understanding and respect to all countries and people, because we are all sharing the same sky!


We are very proud, as people don’t always have the opportunity to have this kind of experience. On CAIS International Day, we asked students to wear their national costumes and hold the flags during a parade. They enjoyed the flash bulbs, national anthems, and their own moment in the spotlight. We believe it is a precious life experience. People should be proud of their country!


The PYP and MYP concert was right after the parade. Our students showed their national performances. As a saying goes, culture belongs to the world. We sing for this beautiful world, and express our wishes for hope and peace.


CAIS has been dedicated to IB education for 11 years. We have accepted students from more than 40 countries. Our expectation has never changed, we hope for the peace of the world with no wars. We hope all of our children grow healthily by learning about different cultures. We hope they learn to accept and understand others cultures. We also hope that they use what they learn to improve themselves, their families, their countries, and the world. Finally, they will gain great power with their courage and ability and use our action to change the world.


长春美国国际学校于2007年6月经国家教育部批准成立,是迄今为止吉林省第一所,也是唯一一所招收3-19岁适龄学生的国际学校。现已成为国内19所同时通过国际文凭组织大学预科项目(高中部)、中学项目(初中部)和小学项目(小学部)的国际学校之一。国际文凭组织(IBO)高中学历(DP)在全球范围内被广泛认可,世界3,000多所大学均接受(优先录取)国际文凭(IB)学生,包括哈佛、 剑桥、耶鲁、牛津、北京大学、美国常青藤大学等知名学府。

Changchun American International School is the first and only international school for 3-19 year olds established in the Jilin Province. We are currently one of the 19 IB schools with DP, MYP and PYP accreditation in China. Final approval for the opening of CAIS was granted by the Ministry of Education in June 2007. IB Diploma is widely recognized all over the world and IB students routinely gain admission to more than 3,000 universities, including Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Peking University,and the American Ivy League, etc.


We welcome aged 3-19 students, and we are looking forward to your visit.










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