恭喜78万奖学金得主—杨东硕 2017 Scholarship Student - Jimmy

2017-06-29 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

Congratulations to Dongshuo Yang (Jimmy) who has just won the 780,000RMB Scholarship from Changchun American International School in June. 


The two-day scholarship exams included Paper Examination, Talent showcase, Physical examination, a special awareness demonstration and a Team Exercise. Jimmy showed us his strong ability during the exams. His passion for robots also received the favorable response of our teachers. 


When talking about their first impressions of Jimmy, teachers said that he could speak very good English and had good communication skills. Jimmy was also very excited about our IB curriculum, ”My dream school is Stanford University, so I know if I can study in an International School, I will know better about the international education in advance. ”    


Jimmy has a talent for robots and programming, and his awards are listed as follows:

杨东硕同学极具机器人、编程等方面才能。以下是杨东硕获奖情况:The 4th International Youth Robot Education Olympiad (Italy Milan) Group award: 1st Place  Individual Award: 2nd Place (Left 3rd)


The 5th International Youth Robot Education Olympiad (USA San Francisco)  Group Award:1st Place  Individual Award:3rd Place(Left 3rd)


CTEA Cup Robotic Tournament Creative Technology Robotic Competition 1st Award of Group award:1st Place  Individual Award:3rd Place(Left 1st)


Jimmy has also won many other awards which are not mentioned.


If you think that he may only like robots, it would be wrong. He is also a good singer. The popular song <Take me to your heart> that he sang during the scholarship exam was excellent. And he has other hobbies too. We believe that CAIS is the best choice for a student like Jimmy with good academic ability, proficient English communication skills, numerous talents and a passion for robots. 

不要以为杨东硕只喜欢机器人,才艺展示中他表演的歌曲《Take me to your heart》,可谓旋律优美、余音绕梁。除了歌曲,他还有很多其他的兴趣爱好。高超的笔试能力、娴熟的英语沟通、多才多艺的个性展示加上对机器人的热爱让我们有理由相信,CAIS IB会是他最好的选择。

Changchun American International School


So far, Changchun American International Schoolis currently one of the 22 IB schools with PYP, MYP and DP accreditation in China. We are also the first international School in Jilin Province. Now CAIS has around 500 students, representing 39 nationalities among students and teachers. Our teaching staff boasts 11 years of IB teaching experience. More than 40% of the graduates have received offers from the Top 50 universities in the past 3 years. Now our graduates are in many famous universities all over the world.

目前,长春美国国际学校是全中国22所全部通过IB PYPMYPDP的国际学校,也是吉林省最先建立的国际学校。500名在校学生、39个国家和地区的学生及教职员工、11IB教学经验、近三年超40%毕业生成功申请世界排名前50的大学……目前我校毕业生已经遍布美国、英国、加拿大等世界名校。

It takes courage to choose the IB course, and it challenges the traditional relationship of teachers and students. It requires students to become learners with the critical thinking skills who are eager to acquire new knowledge. In this way, the students can achieve more.


We hope in the next 4 years, an IB education will help Jimmy to realize his dream. We also wish Jimmy remains impassioned, and finally has a bright future. GO!


长 春美国国际学校于2007年6月经国家教育部批准成立,是迄今为止吉林省第一所,也是唯一一所招收3-19岁适龄学生的国际学校。现已成为国内22所同时 通过国际文凭组织大学预科项目(高中部)、中学项目(初中部)和小学项目(小学部)的国际学校之一。国际文凭组织(IBO)高中学历(DP)在全球范围内 被广泛认可,世界3,000多所大学均接受(优先录取)国际文凭(IB)学生,包括哈佛、 剑桥、耶鲁、牛津、北京大学、美国常青藤大学等知名学府。

Changchun American International School is the first and only international school for 3-19 year olds established in the Jilin Province. We are currently one of the 22 IB schools with DP, MYP and PYP accreditation in China. Final approval for the opening of CAIS was granted by the Ministry of Education in June 2007. IB Diploma is widely recognized all over the world and IB students routinely gain admission to more than 3,000 universities, including Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Peking University,and the American Ivy League, etc.



We welcome aged 3-19 students, and we are looking forward to your visit.










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