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2017-02-24 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

Dear friends, from this wechat editionon, we will bring you more reports about our CAIS DP graduates’ interview.

NameKing Song 

First Day at School31st August 2010

The following is King Song's Interview

Congratulations to you King, you have got the offers of Purdue University and Illonois Wesleyan University. Which major did you choose? Are you still waiting for other universities’ to reply? Which one is your favorite

Thanks, actually I think I will definitely accept these offers, but I am still waiting for other offers. Some of the universities will reply in March. My ideal one is Boston University. The major that I choose in Purdue University is Psychology. I didn’t choose a certain major in other universities because I am not 100% sure of it, so I am going to make the decision during my 1st or 2nd school year.

I think I would rather say you are the longest student in DP2 class. You came to CAIS in 2010, 7 years ago already! So you are the one who has the richest experience about IB education, can you tell us about your changes?

Firstly, my English has improved a lot, then I think it should be the learning methods. I remembered when I first came to school, I could not understand what the teacher said, I could not catch up with the other students. The worst thing was that I lost myself. Finally, I started to accept the new learning method, but it was quite a challenge for me. For example, how to review, how to read, how to search the resources, these skills are very important. I was an introverted guy before, but since I came to CAIS, I am not the most outgoing guy, but at least,I feel confident; I am brave to express myself in class, get on well with classmates. I think I have changed a lot.

You have had the whole MYP school life experience. Do you think the MYP learning experience has greatly helped you?

Yes, of course! Firstly, MYP and DP programs are closely connected. Secondly, MYP learning skills guided me to finish my EE(Extended Essay) and IA(Internal Assessment). For example, if I now want to write an article, I will read the text book first , search the resources and choose the resources,which will help me to understand concept much deeper.

King and his classmates (back row 2nd Left)

You have applied to American universities, with your SAT score being 1340 . The total score of New SAT is 1600, which is challenging for every DP student? Are you satisfied with this score? Do you want share your experience with MYP5 students?

My SAT score is OK! I think the new SAT is harder than the old one, especially in Math. There is more knowledge to be tested and more problems to be solved in the exam, but the time allotted is the same as before. In my opinion, the reading part seemed easy, but writing part seemed quite hard. I felt pressured because I had to finish a 600 word article within 50 minutes. For MYP5 students, reciting words is very important, don't be lazy!

HMUN1st left

CAIS has organized many kinds of activities; which one impressed you a lot?

Habitat.Habitat is a physical and mental challenge for everyone. I felt tired every day during that time, but the experience totally changed my view on charity work. Before Habitat I could never have imagined a 4-member family living on only 5,000 RMB per year. The experience of Habitat has changed my understanding. Since then, I have had the motivation to do charity works.

2015 Habitat Group Photo

An IB education is not only teaching knowledge, but also building confidence and sociability. For you, which part helped you a lot?

I think it is well-rounded education. I didn't like exercise before, but since MYP has many sports activities, I found some fitness activities that made me happy. So I started to go cycling and do fitness, which helped me to be confident!

What is your EE(Extended Essay) topic? Writing an EE requires the coordination of many things; do you want to share your experience?

My EE(Extended Essay) topic is <Comparison of “Anna Karenina” and “The Muslim’s Funeral” , doublestory line construction>. I found many resources, and chose the comments about writing techniques. Actually making a student to manage time is difficult. Within the IB there are numerous deadlines that students must meet. This school has made a lot of effort to assign the IA(Internal Assessment), TOK(Theory of Knowledge) and EE(Extended Essay) time in a more reasonable way; therefore we can finish each job on time.

MYP5 Personal Project Group Photo(1st row 2nd right)

Which career do you want to choose once you complete your education?

I haven’t chosen my major yet; I want to find it out after 1 or 2 years’ study in university. I want to choose a career which allows me to have more freedom. I already know I don’t like business.

King and his classmates (1st right)

7 years ago, King made this very important decision to join in CAIS. On his way to getting used to the new education system, he was confused and experienced some failures. In the end, he conquered the difficulties and gained success. We hope King can get an offer from his ideal university.

In the end, King told us, “I believe we are the most united CAIS graduates forever! We are the best!”

Yes. Dear Graduates, you are always the best!

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