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In this interview, the hero is our student Mark. In September 2011, Mark entered CAIS after finishing his local primary education and since he has been a part of CAIS for the past 6 years. He is confident, optimistic and never admitted defeat. During the interview, you can’t help but be aware of his faith, spirit and positive energy.

Hello, Mark, currently you have already received offers from Syracuse University and University of Miami, how about your feelings?

Actually, I was a little bit upset when I received the offers at first, because the two universities did not rank as the top universities for which I applied. However, it is a reality for me, since the two universities conform to my real capability. The two universities reach excellent standards in academic aspects and I am so satisfied with the offer now. I feel a sense of accomplishment because I completed everything all by myself such as selecting universities and submitting my application, even attending exams.

Which major do you choose? And what kind of job do you prefer in the future?

The major has not been decided yet, for the first two years I plan to seek the right direction for study and I will confirm my major in the third year. To be honest, I prefer the direction of business management.

Basketball Team Mark(Left 3rd)

    How about your course-selection in DP?

Chinese A SL(Standard Level), English B HL(High Level), Korean B SL, Math SL, Biology HL, Business and Management HL

Travel with classmates Mark(Right 2nd)

You have selected Korean in your lesson list, and Ms. Julia said that you learned Korean hard and got progress fast! Do you have any knack about it?

I never imagined that I could reach B level in learning Korean when I started to learn it at first. At the beginning, I was just rote memorizing at home. Later when I entered DP, Ms. Julia helped me a lot. Meanwhile, I am interested in watching Korean TV programs in the daily life and then I try to communicate with Korean mates and I get much improvement through it. In addition, I also want to give my great thanks to a Korean friend for helping me.

Mark(Right)and Korean Teacher Ms. Julia

You often give some performances at CAIS, did you like performing when you were a little boy?

I did not have many hobbies when I was a primary school student, but when I came to CAIS, I found that I could also perform when I accompanied with my classmates to practice dancing. I joined them to be a member of the performance team after that. Gradually, I began to organize students to give performances and I realized that I was really fond of giving shows on the stage. Therefore, I developed many interests that I never had before since I came to CAIS. For example, dancing, singing, skating, basketball, body building and swimming, etc.

You came to CAIS after you finished your whole primary school time and there must be someone or something making you move during the 6 years at CAIS, could you please share with us?

I think my friends moved me most because we spent 6 years together. Although we often played tricks on each other, when I needed warmth and care, they always gave their hands to me and helped me. I still remember when I was in MYP3, I got encephalitis and I needed to be hospitalized for 3 weeks then I stayed at home for one week to rest. At that time, my classmates made a video and they expressed themselves with many words to encourage me. I was extremely moved when I watched this video. Moreover, they also used a heart-shaped board writing many wishes and I still treasure this board until now.

Mark in 2011(Right)

CAS needs 150 learning hours, what kind of significant and meaningful things have you done?

I like CAS course very much and I did many activities, HMUN, football league in Shenyang, social service at gerocomium and Christmas Bazaar sale and so on. But I think the most meaningful activity is ‘Habitat’, I had attended 3 times. Although this activity needed physical labor, I was still interested in it and it was very meaningful. I was so happy when I worked with others and this activity was very helpful to apply for university. By taking part in this activity, I found my potential and also understood that I could do more things to help more people. When I enter university, I will keep fulfilling this kind of activity.

2015 Habitat

IB aims at life-long learning and regarding yourself as the main subject to acquire knowledge. From this point, what qualities do you think should be possessed as a life-long learner? What benefits could it bring?

Just the key words: do not be lazy. It seems easy, but actually quite difficult to fulfill. It is very important to manage time wisely and we should concentrate on doing things. For example, I know that many students stay up for learning until 1-2:00 at midnight, but I think it does not need to be so late if you can have a good sense of time management. Striking a proper balance will show the maximum efficiency. Actually IB is very similar to the university, there are many students holding a book for the whole day in the library in university, it is the same with IB and it requires you to gain more knowledge actively. I think I will be a life-long learner.

2016 Graduation Party Group Photo Mark (Left 3rd)

If you can use just one word to describe your life at CAIS, which word will you choose? Why?

I think it should be ‘upstream’. I got lower grades when I was in primary school especially in English. The first year at CAIS was enjoyable because I could not understand most lessons due to my poor English and I also could not communicate with foreign classmates. At that time, my grade was 2 or 3 and I could not bear such unsatisfactory grades. Later, I accumulated more knowledge through talking more with classmates in class as well as in the spare time and gradually understood the teaching pattern of IB, my English was improved gradually. Fortunately, I came to CAIS in time, so it did not bring any bad effect. During the 6 years of receiving IB education, I encountered many troubles and difficulties but I never thought about giving up. What I needed was just enough time to improve my English skills and I believed that I could change the current situation, so I did it from previous 2 or 3 to an ideal grade. I think I have achieved success.

No matter what kind of difficulty he encounters, he will always be passionate to seek solutions. Such optimistic attitude makes people admire him! During the 6 years, his experiences of success, failure, confusion and touching sharpen and shape his perseverance, his confidence launches an extensive road with fearlessness and we believe all his experiences will bring him great success!

How precious to be upstream and face challenges to win a life with fearlessness and no-regrets!

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