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NameNancy Lin

First Day at SchoolSeptember 1st2014

2014 Scholarship student

The following is Nancy Lin's Interview

You are one of the earliest students who received the offers, and these two universities are century-old famous universities in the world which are London University College(QS Ranking 7) and King’s College London(QS Ranking 21), How did you feel when you received the offer?

I was very happy, especially after I received one of the offers and the other one came the next day. I didn’t expect to receive them in only one week.

Which major did you choose, what is your future plan?

The majors I chose are a little bit different, but all relate to Math and Economics. When I chose the DP subjects, I thought I may like Business and management, but since 2 years in DP, I found I was good at Math, so finally I chose Economics. After communicating with parents and friends, I realize that my character is suitable to do the work with high pressure or hard tasks. I love to communicate and cooperate with other people, I like this kind of challenging job.

Group IV Showcase Nancy Lin(1st Left)

Teachers always asked students to learn time management skills and improve the ability of summary and analysis. Do you have some good ideas to share with us?

I realized the necessity of managing time wisely since I found my life was busier and busier. I tried many ways, such as making a time plan, when I finished a job, I ticked the job off on the plan. But, it was a little bit rigid. So I found a big white board at home.  The left side is a Monthly plan and a weekly plan, but the right side is only a daily plan. When I had to update my daily plan, I would change it by erasing, which is more flexible. I also wrote some encouraging words to inspire myself. This is really helpful, and I really encourage you to have a try.

Nancy Lin and her classmates(2nd Left)

You are a 2014 Scholarship student. You have CAIS trust and expectation, since you got the scholarship, did your attitude change? How did you think of this honor?

For me, the scholarship means pressure and motivation. I know the importance of this scholarship, which means CAIS trusts me! If a student cannot meet the expectation of the scholarship, he/she will not enjoy any benefit from it any more. I don't want this happen, so my target of each subject is 7(total score is 7). I ever imagined, if I were not the scholarship student, I may not get this level. My opinion is, I am the scholarship student, I have the obligation to help my classmates, School paid the tuition for me, so I have to do something to show my appreciation, Haha!

Thank you! “Teacher”, Do you have any hobbies? How can you balance your hard work and hobbies?

I have many hobbies, I think they are parts of my life. I like cosplay, MUN(Model United Nations), singing, dancing and even playing dancing machine. Sometimes, learning is so boring, and we can find something that can help us to relax, but we should balance it, since DP2 is so busy, learning knowledge is more important during this time.

During these 3 years in CAIS, which things or activities changed you a lot?

I was transferred from a traditional School, some of the students there believed that score was the most important thing. If a student gets a great score, everybody may think he/she is a perfect student. Unfortunately, I was one of them. It influenced me when I came to CAIS, I thought I was different and I was proud of myself. This attitude made me refuse participation with every classmate. Finally I found a big gap between us.

Prepare gifts for Teachers Nancy Lin(1st Left)

The whole MYP5, I seldom talked with my classmates, which was so childish I think. Since DP1, I became aware of some unique traits of my classmates. In Habitat, I saw the “Princes and Princesses” were working hard and sweatily. They didn’t complain even one word. Although I worked with them under the blazing sun all day, I didn't have their strong faith. Finally, my body could not burden, I laid on the bed all day long in the hotel. They visited me, comforted me with warm words, and suddenly, I realized how foolish I was!! A question came up to me, how stupid you are when you judge a person to be “useless” by the low examination score! These little things changed my opinions.

Nancy Lin and her classmates(1st Left)

You had 3 years’ IB learning experiences, you made a Personal Project, finished 4000 words Extended Essay, attended HMUN and experienced CAS courses. I should say these 3 years were wonderful, but also hard for you. To be a learner, what kind of abilities did IB bring to you?

My classes before were always straight A classes. I knew some of the boys in that class would not help girls to move tables or chairs, they were selfish. But in CAIS, IB is trying to make us to be well-rounded people. We try to be enthusiastic, responsible and caring. How can you imagine a big guy crying when he saw an injured animal? They always smile when they face repetitive challenges. At that time, a voice came up from my mind, I want to be a person like them! Therefore,IB totally changed my thoughts and values. I am so lucky I can be a CAIS memberand receive IB education here. Sometimes, it is a good thing to have a high score, but never lose your value and human essence only for a high score.

HMUN Nancy Lin (1st Row Right)

When we focus on the scholarship students, the first impression is the high score. They always stand at a “7”level stage to look down upon “4” stage students. To oursurprise, Nancy didn’t mention much about how hard she studied. She just shared a story about how a proud princess walked out of her world and shared happinesswith her classmates. The most impressive part is how IB has changed her life. Which part is your cherished memory when you are chasing your dream? Which one is your treasure: Is it an honor when you get the highest score in your class or every touching moment you experience in your life? Nancy has changed and she enjoyed this change! We also wish that Nancy can realize her dream in her ideal university!

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