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2018-04-04 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

In this article, CAIS official Wechat will publish the CAS (Creativity Action and Service)course’s World News Project. So far, there are 7 students in this group. The aim of this group is not only sharing different nations’ news with other students, but also learning the varieties of cultures, history, current events and politics. We have 3  news written by Elena Wagner,Dajin Cho(Lucy) and Dai Jia Yu(Luella) this time. Now enjoy your reading!

本期微信,我们将为您推送CAS(创造、行动与服务)课程下的“世界新闻”主题栏目。目前有7位同学负责编写新闻,该项目的目的是让来自不同国家的同学分享自己国家的新闻,从而互相了解不同国家的民族文化与历史,时事与政治等等。这期微信Elena Wagner,Cho Dajin(Lucy)和代家毓(Luella)同学将会和我们分享世界新闻。

The different types of higher education in Germany

Written by Elena Wagner

Firstly, in order to be able to pursue higher eduction in Germany, you must have the IB Diploma, the German Abitur or a similar degree.

By Elena Wagner

(Bucerius Law School in Hamburg)

1) Colleges of Art, Music and Film (Kunst-, Musik- und Filmhochschulen)

These kind of colleges generally encompasses learning in a practice based setting about the fine arts and specialising in subjects such as painting, sculpture, photography or ceramics.

A portfolio of 15 to 40 small works of art may be required as part of an art college's application process, as is the completion of entrance exams.

2)   Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulen)

The primary focus at these universities is for students to apply scientific knowledge and to be taught professional practice in topical areas (business, technology, social affairs, media, etc.) Therefore, the programme there are usually more practice-orientated.

Most Universities, such as the one in Bremen and the one in Ingolstadt (my hometown ;), have international offices which seek to support foreign students in any way they can.

3) Universities (Universitäten)

Universities often strongly research-oriented and offer a wide range of courses. Here too, there are practical aspects, but the emphasis is on solid theoretical training and methodological expertise.

Some programmes can only be found at universities, such as classical law studies.

But a special type of German university where you are less likely to find a programme in law is a technical university. Technical universities (Technische Universitäten) focus on mostly engineering and natural science subjects.

Higher education institutions: Public vs. Private

The types of institutions listed above can be divided into two categories: state-run and private universities. While most German universities are publicly financed, there are 120 private universities and these consist mainly of Universities of Applied Sciences. Over 90 percent of students in Germany are enrolled at public universities and colleges. Only about 5.5 percent attend a privately-funded one. Students at state-run universities in Germany - both local and international students - do not pay tuition fees, but rather, simple administrative fees of between 100 and 500 euro per semester that also cover their public transportation costs.

Pyeongchang, with peace and harmony

Written by DajinCho(Lucy)

The Olympic Flame and the flag at PyeongChang Olympic Stadium

    On February 9th, 2018, the opening of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics was declared with lots of applause and expectations at the Olympic Stadium in South Korea. In this Winter Olympics, 93 countries were joining and 2,925 athletes participated in 15 Olympic sports. Norway took the first place with 39 medals in total, followed by Germany and Canada with 31 and 29 medals. The host nation of Korea came in 7th with 17 medals.

    The motto of this Olympics was “The Olympics of peace”, with the heart of wishing not only peace on the Korean Peninsula but also the peace around the world. During the Olympics season for 17 days, even though all the players from various countries were competing with each other, their honest sportsmanship and consideration have brought that motto closer to reality. One interesting fact in this Olympics was that the joint teams of North Korean and the South Korean players were formed in some sports, including ice hockey. It was the first time to form the joint team of North Korean and the South Korean players in the Olympics, and regardless of the outcomes of the games, the team itself had symbolized and conveyed the message of “peace” worldwide.

   The Olympics in PyeongChang has definitely brought lots of joy and enthusiasm to everyone. Moreover, through the spectacular opening and closing ceremony, it has succeeded in conveying the message of peace. Thus, it is no exaggeration to say that the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics has achieved a great deal.

Last male northern white rhino has died

Written by Dai Jia Yu(Luella)

    On March 20, the last male northern white rhino Sudan was euthanized by a doctor. To protect him, people saw off his horn, sent a team of 40 people to guard him 24 hours, and the world’s best veterinarian to take care of him. For Sudan, death might be a relief because he had been suffered from pain. But for humans, we can only watch another species goes towards extinction.

    In the past 40 years, the world has lost 90% of the rhinos, and now more than 1000 rhinos are killed each year due to poaching. All this is simply the cause of people’s high demand for rhinos’ horns. Sudan was the last hope for the entire white northern rhino population. With Sudan’s death, the species now only has a mother and a daughter rhino left who cannot reproduce anymore. Within hundreds of years, we have pushed a species that has existed for 50 million years to extinction.

    45 years ago, when Sudan was born in 1972, there were 1000 rhinos in Africa and once abundant in central Africa. The species of northern white rhino has their special two horns and their horns gradually caught people’s attention. People especially from Eastern Asia viewed rhino’s horns as magical medicines and beautiful jewelry that can also represents high social status. The captures of white northern rhinos increased. Sudan became the victim when he was 2, but he was luckier because he was sent to Dvur Králové Zoo in the Czech Republic. However, political instability and further poaching has made population of white northern rhino lesser. In 2004, a group of age-old elephant hunters broke into the area and killed many white rhinos and Sudan became one of the few rhinos existing in the world. Sudan and the other three white northern rhinos returned to Africa in 2009, but they have already lose their power to reproduce since they were captive for many years.

    The death of the Sudan has brought unprecedented attention and mourning on the Internet. We should know that our activities that cause animals extinction is 1000 times faster than natural elimination, and everyone is responsible to the issue. 

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