The First Week of School At CAIS开学第一周-全新的起点

CAIS长春美国国际学校 4天前

We are so happy to see all the students back at CAIS. It's the back-to-school season for our school and a new learning journey for our students.


We are pleased to see that the CAIS community is growing in the new school year. We are welcoming more than 90 new students to join our school, and more than 370 students have returned to our campus. CAIS has teachers and students from 32 different countries and regions. We are looking forward to the upcoming International Day, when people can enjoy a parade of different countries that they may have never seen before.

2018-2019学年,我们欣喜的看到CAIS社区的不断壮大。我们诚挚的欢迎90余名新生加入我校,370余名返校生重回校园。现在的CAIS 拥有32个不同国家和地区的师生,我们十分期盼即将到来的国际日,会有CAIS从未出现过的国家展示哦!

This year we will see many cute Early Year students. CAIS cameras have recorded their lively moments. So, children, the road is long, but everyone has to start their first steps and we'll be besides you watching you grow. You can do it!


Dear PYP students, it is in your nature to ask "why" and CAIS would like you to find your own answers to your questions. Let us explore the essence of things. Finally, use your imagination to color your world. CAIS wechat will wait for your wonderful art works in the near future.


Hey, MYP students! Can you find your own classrooms now? Do you know how to use Managebac? We hope you can follow the MYP steps, time is pressure. At CAIS we suggest that MYP students should improve their time management skills and become active learners! Getting involved in the community and develop service projects that will help your college applications. Be positive!


The DP Lounge has its new owners. Your youth and passion are the expression of beauty and hope. We cannot wait to see your next year’s performance and look forward to seeing you overcome all the difficulties and succeed in IBDP finial exams! We wish you all the best to the most hard-working DP students!


The New Semester has begun. Here we are, with our head full of dreams! May the our CAIS tree flourish and our school continue to flourish. New School Year, here we come!


Secondary Pincipal & Acting Head of School:

James Mc Crory

Secretary: Desiree Dong



Primary principal:Agustin Onsari

Secretary: Sunny Zhang



长春美国国际学校于2007年6月经国家教育部批准成立,是迄今为止吉林省第一所,也是唯一一所招收3-19岁适龄学生的国际学校。现已成为国内27所同时通过国际文凭组织大学预科项目(高中部)、中学项目(初中部)和小学项目(小学部)的国际学校之一。国际文凭组织(IBO)高中学历(DP)在全球范围内被广泛认可,世界3,000多所大学均接受(优先录取)国际文凭(IB)学生,包括哈佛、 剑桥、耶鲁、牛津、北京大学、美国常青藤大学等知名学府。

Changchun American International School is the first and only international school for 3-19 year olds established in the Jilin Province. We are currently one of the 27 IB schools with DP, MYP and PYP accreditation in China. Final approval for the opening of CAIS was granted by the Ministry of Education in June 2007. IB Diploma is widely recognized all over the world and IB students routinely gain admission to more than 3,000 universities, including Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Peking University,and the American Ivy League, etc.


We welcome aged 3-19 students, and we are looking forward to your visit.










No.2899, DongNanHu Road, Changchun Jilin Province, China130033

Tel: +86-431-84581234


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