CAIS 2018 Graduation Season|长春美国国际学校2018毕业季

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K2 Graduation Ceremony—Innocence Dream


On 25th of June, more than 40 K2 graduates attended their Graduation Ceremony.

2018625日,40余名CAIS K2毕业生迎来了他们的幼儿园毕业典礼。 

The young graduates showed up in turn, their cute faces full of confident smiles.


During the Ceremony, children expressed themselves by singing and dancing. The principal Mr. Agustin awarded certificates to each graduate, and the final song “Thank you” brought the ceremony come to a climax.

典礼期间,孩子们用歌声和舞蹈表达着他们的所学所感,校长Mr Agustin依次为每一位毕业生们颁发毕业证书,而最后一曲《Thank you》无疑把典礼推向了高潮。

The PYP band “Mysterious Guests” Surprised attendees with a song to all the children to express their best wishes---they were all our PYP talented teachers.


Looking at these lovely smiles, we really expect that they can gain wisdom and emotional fortitude. We hope that the constantly learning attitude encourages students to move forward.


PYP5 Graduation Ceremony-Cheering for childhood


On June 26th, CAIS organized PYP5 Graduation Ceremony.


During the ceremony, PYP Principal Mr. Agustin gave us a speech “Education helps us to expand our sphere and establish more connections with reality and understand problems in different ways. That gives us a variety of options to work for our benefit and for the benefit of society and nature…”

典礼期间,小学部校长Mr. Agustin发表讲话:教育帮助扩展我们的领域并建立与现实世界的联系,让我们得以用不同的方式理解问题。这给了我们更多机会去为自己,为社会和大自然去奋斗……” 

After 5 years of primary school life in CAIS, we are delighted to see the great changes within the children, which is evidenced in the recent PYP5 Exhibition.

经过CAIS PYP五年的小学生涯,我们欣喜看到了孩子们的巨大变化,这主要体现在前不久结束的小学部毕业展示活动。

The PYP Exhibition is the culminating learning experience for students of IB PYP schools, contributing to the distinctly unique and special ethos, culture and identity of all PYP schools. This year the grade 5 students have followed a slightly different format from previous years with an introductory examination of world global issues in their unit, How the World Works

小学部毕业展是IB PYP项目学生的最终学习体验,为所有PYP成员学校提供独具一格的风气、文化和特色。今年5年级的同学们做出了一定的调整,在他们学习的章节“世界是如何运行的”中,他们完成了关于全球问题的一门考试。

After gaining an understanding of global issues using the UN's Sustainability Goals as a starting point, they fine-tuned their focus towards a local example of their chosen global issue. Students worked hard in groups and as a grade whilst ultimately being responsible for their own presentation. During the 8 week Exhibition process, they demonstrated the 5 essential elements; Knowledge, skills, attitudes, concepts, and action.


With wonderful enthusiasm and excitement, our Year 5 students displayed their final Exhibition presentations to the CAIS community on Thursday and Friday, 17-18 May 2018. With great success, rising to the challenges and enjoying the successes of self-directed inquiry and personalized learning, Year 5 students truly wowed the CAIS community with their thinking, knowledge, understanding, and creativity.


MYP5 Graduation Ceremony—The end? Just the start


On 22nd of June, MYP5 Graduation Ceremony was held at our 1st floor Cafeteria.


Graduates are about to leave the MYP school life and accept the challenges of IBDP. During the ceremony, the talented MYP students brought us many wonderful performances.


During the whole school year, they experienced the Habitat for Humanity, participated HMUN (Harvard Model United Nation) to complete the self-competition, finished the Personal Project and gained the ability of time-management and self-reflection. Now, we look upon their confident smiles, and see they are confident and ready to face the “Terrible DP” so-called by their senior schoolmates.


Graduation is not the end, but the beginning of a new journey. Let us carry the hope, and proceed forward on the new journey, called ”Being the Best of Ourselves”.


长春美国国际学校于2007年6月经国家教育部批准成立,是迄今为止吉林省第一所,也是唯一一所招收3-19岁适龄学生的国际学校。现已成为国内27所同时通过国际文凭组织大学预科项目(高中部)、中学项目(初中部)和小学项目(小学部)的国际学校之一。国际文凭组织(IBO)高中学历(DP)在全球范围内被广泛认可,世界3,000多所大学均接受(优先录取)国际文凭(IB)学生,包括哈佛、 剑桥、耶鲁、牛津、北京大学、美国常青藤大学等知名学府。

Changchun American International School is the first and only international school for 3-19 year olds established in the Jilin Province. We are currently one of the 27 IB schools with DP, MYP and PYP accreditation in China. Final approval for the opening of CAIS was granted by the Ministry of Education in June 2007. IB Diploma is widely recognized all over the world and IB students routinely gain admission to more than 3,000 universities, including Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Oxford, Peking University,and the American Ivy League, etc.


We welcome aged 3-19 students, and we are looking forward to your visit.










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