The Honorable Journey of 2018 HMUN(English Version)

2018-04-23 CAIS长春美国国际学校 CAIS长春美国国际学校

On 14th-18th of March, 19 CAIS students attended 2018HMUN conference in Beijing. 8 of them got awards.

Best Delegates-Yanting, Simon 

Outstanding Delegates-Sara, Isabelle, Reuben, Cassidy

Honorable Mention-Sanjoli, Richard

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There is a famous saying in China, ‘ if you have never been to the Great Wall, you cannot become a real hero.’ Until you have had the experience of HMUN, you may not have realized your potential!

DAY 1 When we reached he conference venue, we were enthralled by the numbers of participants and argument.

At the opening ceremony - you would see that even though the children were only 13 or 16 years old, they were already dressed up in suits and proper shoes. Their facial expression would make you feel like we were already in the UN General Conference Hall. Before the opening ceremony, many students began to discuss whether they belonged to the same committee and whether the position paper was consistent. For those students who attended the conference for the first time, they met with so many proactive national representatives,they were a bit embarrassed, but the real test would be coming soon!

DAY 2 strong competitors help shape us better

All the students who attended the meeting for the first time gave us the same feedback:Some delegates are too excellent to make us feel much pressure! That’s right, in such a high level HMUN, you will encounter strong opponents with clear thinking and good preparation. Their excellence is amazing and inspiring! This evening, Yanting and Simon told us that they gave speech six times today and had successfully attracted other delegates to agree with them. This is the second time that they participated in HMUN and they prepared for a long time in this team. On the way to Beijing and even during the short break in the hotel lobby, they still discussed each other's debate skills and kept collecting information.

Day 3 the significance of attending HMUN

Every March in Beijing, more than 1,500 of the best students from different countries will participate in the HMUN. They come from major international schools and excellent foreign language schools. But why?

A teacher who has studied the HMUN for more than 10 years told us: The real helpful thing of attending HMUN is to have a positive impact on people for the entire experience of the HMUN! When you are surrounded by an excellent environment, you will also be influenced by such people who behave well and have a good influence. They have commonality of courtesy and humility, wise and demeanor, they are persistent and willing to explore. Therefore, in the HMUN, such an environment will force the children to rapidly grow and to be stronger rapidly. For example: 15 minutes to come out the project case; 3 minutes for free question and answer; 1 minute to state the point of view! Every hammer strike of the presidium is testing the children’s resilience.

Day 4 Global village - One world, one dream

Since the afternoon, you didn’t need to open the door to see the children, because most of the delegates have started to come out and discuss their resolutions. The HMUN is a kind of role play. Each committee will pass only one motion, but from 3 or 4 different motions are raised by other teams. To be a leader and stand out in the whole committee is a really hard work. You may think your working plan was so perfect that you can get more support. Since other delegates have to consider the flexibility of the working plan, the national benefit and even the negotiating skills, so, to be a well-round person is not an easy job!

In the evening, many students told us that they made their first public speech today. Congratulations to them, they finished their first trial.

For the Global village activity-we prepared CAIS gifts and our dance show. You can imagine the screaming, applause and cheering. That is the best way to release pressure for this competition. 

Last Day Hello HMUN, Goodbye HMUN

Isabelle, Sarah and Cassidy cheered and cried during the closing ceremony.

“ Those delegates who gave us big pressure in the committee are now looking so lovely. Maybe you don't believe it, we only know each other for 4 days, but to me, that is a deep friendship. Some delegates set so many difficulties for us, we cannot even fall to sleep…but at this moment, I suddenly feel lonely and 4 days ago, we didn’t even have a good chance to say “Hi”, but 4 days later, I want to say “Goodbye” to my dear friends.”

This HMUN, we had 8 students who got awards. We would like to share some reflections from MYP4 &5 students who attended the conference for the first time and two Best Delegate wards winning students.

Fred Left 1st

Firstly, I want to say, HMUN, we will come back! Although I only did speeches a few times, I still enjoyed the whole conference. If there is a next time, I would prepare my national position more seriously, read more references and strive for more opportunities to speak.

--Fred  MYP4

Skyler Right 2nd

I made many friends, some of them are very excellent, they inspired me to go for our future! I am looking forward to next HMUN, and I am sure I can be better. I know it is a process of self-challenge. Although, it’s only few days, we experienced a lot, we worked hard while also finding it enjoyable.

--Skyler  MYP5

HMUN 2018 was a really nice experience. All of us faced challenges and had to step miles out of our comfort zones. We had to step up in our committees and talk about issues of water scarcity, infrastructure development, international laws, weaponization of natural resources representing a country using our research from the previous months to contribute to the final draft resolution which would be our answer to global issues. Each committee was a unique mix of delegates clashing different perspectives, solutions, and cultures with the common goal of doing what we think is right for the world. I think that everyone from our school’s team learned their own unique lesson, made new friends and truly enjoyed the conference.

--Yanting DP1

Simon Left 1st

The HMUN trip this year was truly an indelible memory to me. Despite of the absence of the Pakistanis and Americans, the overall academic atmosphere of the conference was as serious as before.

Thanks to the precise, and careful planning by Mr. Sanjeev, I was able to have the honor of representing India in the United Nations Development Program with my partner Yanting and winning the best delegate award together. But apart from personal experience and effort, it was always my partner who helped and guided me.

For me, to remember every face I saw, every change and improvement I made throughout the conference. It will surely be one of the most valuable experiences that I would like to mention with others in the future.

--Simon DP1

In fact, we might think further, let us think about how to solve women and children’s security issues, how to change the situation of water pollution, how to allocate military and resources. We have the responsibility of calling for peace and justice, changing poverty and disease, improving pollution and destruction. Evan if it looks like not your thing, everything is related to each other. If the young are stronger, a country is stronger. The future is in our children’s hand.

From the editor

During the conference, we saw many IB school attending just like us. To be honest, the students from the IB schools have a special personality. They are brave to query different perspectives; they have enthusiasm to explain their working plans to other delegates; they are confident no matter what kind of the questions they may face. Finally, you will find out that  sometimes, the best delegate is not the one who is only good at English, but a well-round student. This enhanced our understanding of the IB, and we have more confidence in the next HMUN. 

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