Our Wonderful International Day纵隔万水千山,友谊的纽带也让我们紧紧相连-2018国际日

CAIS长春美国国际学校 6天前

On the morning of Oct 19th. 2018, everything is quiet, as the 38 countries and regions exhibition is waiting for the great moments awaiting us on this International Day.


At 8 o'clock, students were dressed up with their national clothing and started their Scavenger Hunt and get the national stamps, which is our International Day’s traditional event. 


Malona from PYP5 said, “My favorite country tables are UK and Japan. Although the Queen is old, she is still running this country. I found many cute and tinny exhibitions on the Japan tables and also some cartoon characters which are very cool. I really enjoy experiencing different cultures and seeing those fantastic exhibitions every year. I love International Day! ”


“Did you know? My classmates are from 8 different countries. That is amazing!”- CAIS PYP Student

 知道吗?我的同学来自8个不同的国家,简直太酷了!”—CAIS PYP 学生

“There are teachers and students from 38 different countries and regions in our CAIS community. We are a small United Nations!”—CAIS MYP Student

 我们CAIS拥有38个国家和地区的学生和教师群体,绝对是一个小型联合国。”—CAIS MYP学生

“My classmate can speak more than 3 languages and has been to 5 countries. He is our super star!”—CAIS PYP Student

我的同学可以说3门以上的语言,去过5个不同的国家,他是我们心中的达人!”—CAIS PYP学生

“There are 5 continents, six billion people in the world and it may be god’s will that we meet each other. I am thankful for meeting you and for our friendship.”—CAIS teacher

 这世界拥有五大洲,60亿人口,这可能是上帝的旨意,让我们彼此相遇,感谢友谊,感谢我可以遇到你。”—CAIS 教师

Being dressed up with the national clothing and joining the national parade are indispensable parts of the International Day, which is also the pride of the children. Just like the Olympic Opening Ceremony, students were hand in hand and sang their national anthems loudly. We were all touched at that moment.


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Culture is a valuable asset of the world. By way of singing and dancing, our students shared their joy and expressed their respect and understanding of different cultures. 






Even though we are different colors and speak different languages, they share the same love our mother countries.


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We do hope that different cultures can nurture and encourage children to learn magnanimity and understanding, and to think beyond their region and race barriers. They need to embrace different cultures and ideas, and finally take action to explore and change the future.


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No matter how far we are from each other, the friendships will always be the bond. We hope you can treasure this moment and remember your friends, the national anthems and the golden “passports”. Bye, my wonderful International Day and long live our friendship!


CAIS communities, you are welcome to share your International Day's ideas or stories with us, please leave your comments below.


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