CAIS Chinese New Year Celebration 2019 “猪”事顺利,新年快乐!

CAIS长春美国国际学校 2-2-2019

Full of expectations and hope, we started our CAIS New Year Celebration on January 28th.


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We expressed our New Year Wishes by singing and dancing. We are looking forward to the coming year, and we give our best wishes to all the teachers, students and parents.


K2 students dressed as cute little piglets. PYP students performed Chinese Style dance. PYP4 boys entertained us with comedy routine and Chinese songs were performed on the CAIS stage by students and staff! 


We are really impressed by the performances brought by our students! International students said,” Chinese New Year is the same as our Christmas. It is the time to get together with family and celebrate, so we feel the same. “



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In the foyer, we enjoyed the lion dance which is an indispensable part for the Chinese New Year. The amazing lion dance brought us so much fun! 


The dance choreographed by the MYP and DP students shocked all the audience. It was so good! The melodious singing was so pleasant. We are surprised to find that our students are so talented.


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With a long history, the Chinese traditional culture is deeply rooted in our hearts. The Chinese New Year Celebration brings China closer to the world and inspires our passion for the Chinese culture. 


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Language is the foundation of culture which connects one civilization to another. We share one earth, one heart and one dream. Just like every parent, CAIS is also looking forward to seeing the children realize their dreams and gain the power to change the world in the future. 


As the Chinese New Year is coming, we wish all the students great achievements. We also wish all the teachers and parents happy family reunion and good luck in the New Year!