2019 Dragon Boat Races and BBQ Festival|六一的特别回忆-CAIS端午龙舟赛


June 1st 2019 was the International Children's Day and CAIS traditional festival Dragon Boat Festival. What's new this year? Let's review this fantastic day together!


The weather was perfect on the day of Dragon Boat Festival. Accompanied by sunshine and refreshing earthy scents, the children started lining up at the boat registration table early in the morning. We marked the boats and sent them to different tracks according to their lengths. This year, we were surprised to see a diversity of huge boats and tinny boats that could fit in one’s hand.


Before the race, MYP and PYP students brought their spectacular dances that set the audience on fire! Right after the dance, the start of Dragon Boat Race attracted all people to the pool.


With whistles, endless cheers, and shouts, the dragon boats started off and raced each other all the way to the finish line.


We are so proud that all the boats were made of recycled materials and powered by green energy including wind and solar energy. 


PTA prepared ten special awards, including medals, trophies, and certificates to encourage the students’ innovative spirit.


We also introduced a new Flea Market this year. All the parents, teachers, and children were immersed in the joy of treasure "hunting".


On the other side, the delightful smell of delicious food under the walnut tree area attracted the children who just finished the competition. Delectable hot dishes, roasted potatoes and sweet cupcakes regaled all with a relaxing and laid-back summer feast.


When Children's Day meets the Dragon Boat Race, it undoubtedly becomes an unforgettable experience for the children! Let the environmental protection and creativity mindset take root in our hearts, and make our traditional cultures glow with different charms and brilliance! Let these little dragon boats inherit the hope and best wishes from generation to generation!


CAIS wishes all school members a Happy Dragon Boat Festival! See you next Monday!