A Music Feast of "East Meets West" “东方遇见西方”音乐盛宴


A Music Feast of "East Meets West"



In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China and the 30th anniversary of the Fall of The Berlin Wall, the concert of"East Meets The West" organized by Changchun German School Association and Changchun American International School was staged in Changchun American International School on the evening of October 25th, 2019. The Consul General of the German Consulate General in Shenyang City, the leaders of Jilin Provincial Foreign Affairs Bureau andthe Culture and Education Bureau of Changchun Economic and TechnologicalDevelopment Zone Management Committee attended the concert. 

10 月25日晚,为庆祝中华人民共和国成立70周年、纪念柏林墙倒塌30周年,由长春市德国学校协会与长春美国国际学校携手精心打造的“东方遇见西方”音乐会 在长春美国国际学校精彩上演。德国驻沈阳总领事馆总领事、吉林省外专局及长春市经开区管委会文教局领导亲临音乐会现场。

It started with "Full of Joy", a kind of traditional folk music with ajoyful melody full of jubilation. Subsequently, other examples of songs such as"Every Step Higher", "Full Moon and Blooming Flowers" were performed. After the Folk music, "Mozart Serenade","Hungarian Dances" and other classic symphonic music repertoires were staged. The gentle and sonorous symphonies, cooperate with our Chinese ancient folk music, as if to take us to roam in the east and the west culture, let us to understand and appreciate different experience from these beautiful notes.


The classic interludes in some movies such as "Captain America", "Scent ofWoman" and "Spirited Away" were unforgettable. Each music repertoire was about a story and each melody represented memory. "Heroic Polonaise in A-flat minor" and "Habanera" were played by two parents which made the atmosphere unforgettable. It perfectly ended with"My Motherland and me" jointly performed by all musicians.

一 段音符,一段记忆—《美国队长》《闻香识女人》《千与千寻》等电影中的经典插曲令人难以忘怀,也勾起了所有观众的美好回忆。由我校学生家长带来的钢琴独奏 《英雄波兰舞曲》和歌剧卡门选段《哈巴涅拉》更是将音乐会的气氛推向了高潮。最后由全体音乐家共同演绎的《我和我的祖国》,为本场音乐会画上了完美的句 号。

Inaddition to the beautiful music there was an art and photography exhibition which were hosted by Benny Kharismana, an art teacher of Changchun American International School and a student’s parent of our school Mr. Andreas Kelske. The third-generation clay figurine Zhang of Guandong was also invited to make clay sculptures for everyone. It also greatly enriched the concert night activities and brought the audience both auditory and visual enjoyment.

当 晚除了美妙动听的音乐,长春美国国际学校艺术教师Benny Kharismana与学生家长AndreasKelske的艺术、摄影作品展亦如期举行。学校还特别邀请了第三代非物质文化遗产传承人-关东泥人张现场 为大家制作泥塑。关东艺术与西洋艺术,相得益彰,也极大的丰富了音乐会之夜活动,为宾客们带来了听觉和视觉上的双重享受。

After the concert, a full minute of applause to everyone left a deep impression. Musichas no national boundaries and the culture is the treasure shared bycivilizations. Notes to each other all over the world are interlinked, but isnot the same. We explore a way of different civilizations, and the music is a microcosm of culture.


Let us lookforward to more exciting activities of CAIS!