U.S. Universities to the CAIS Education Fair美国大学春季教育展

CAIS长春美国国际学校 前天

Dear CAIS families and friends,



The CAIS Counseling Center and Linden Educational Services would like to invite you, your children, and your friends to join us for a mini university fair next Wednesday.

本校择校顾问中心和林登教育服务机构(Linden Educational Services)在此邀请您和孩子以及朋友们前来参与将于下星期三在本校举办的小型大学教育展。

What: University Introductions, Q & A sessions (English and Chinese language friendly)

活动内容: 大学介绍, 现场问答环节 (可使用英文和中文)


When: Wednesday, March 6, 2019: 13:30 – 15:30

时间: 2019年3月 6日 星期三 下午 13:30 – 15:30


Where: CAIS 1st Floor Lobby and 1st Floor Cafeteria

地点: 长春美国国际学校1楼大厅和1楼餐厅

Although this University Fair is not quite as large as our Fall Fair, it will provide access to institutions that were unable to attend. It will also give students and families a chance to speak directly with admissions officers from some very good colleges/universities. 

虽然本次大学教育展规模不如去年秋天教育展的规模大, 但您仍可藉由本次教育展接触到去年秋天未参展的学校。各优质大学的招生官也会亲临现场,与学生和家长直接对话。

Gathering information from colleges/universities is critical to post-secondary planning, and these university fairs give students a great chance to collect information and to compare/contrast future options.


We hope to see you there!