CAIS 2019 Graduation Season|长春美国国际学校2019毕业季



K2 Graduation Ceremony

On the 24th of June, K2 students finished their kindergarten life and advanced to the next level: the Primary Year Program.


During the Ceremony, we appreciated their adorable performance and listened to their understanding of Kindergarten life.



Children expressed themselves by singing and dancing. The principal, Mr. Agustin, awarded certificates to each graduate.

孩子们用歌声和舞蹈表达着他们的所学所感,校长Mr Agustin先生依次为每一位毕业生们颁发了毕业证书。 

We all witnessed their growth, from the anxious and nervous feeling when they first entered school to the confident expression when they stood on the stage today. We wish this next cadre of wonderful learners will become even stronger. May you have noble qualities and pure souls; May you have the courage and determination to change the world!



PYP5 Graduation Ceremony

On June 25th, CAIS organized PYP5 Graduation Ceremony.


They leave behind their Primary Years, PYP5 sharing many great memories.


On May 15th and 16th, PYP5 brought us their well-prepared Exhibition.


The PYP Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for PYP 5 students to research and extend their skills, knowledge, strengths, passions, and interests in order to make a positive difference to others.


During this year’s PYP5 exhibition at CAIS, students focused on their central idea and their chosen lines of inquiry within the transdisciplinary theme of choice. Teachers and mentors acted as facilitators throughout their journey. Students inquired into a topic they would learn more about. 

在今年的CAIS PYP展示中,学生在超学科主题的探究课题中集中选取了他们的核心概念和探究路线。老师们充当着引导者的角色。学生选择一个他们感兴趣的话题,并确定一个主题,这个主题需要与他们倡导的全球目标保持一致。

We are surprised to see their growth and understanding of global issues. We believe their MYP journey will be wonderful.



MYP5 Graduation Ceremony

On 26nd June, MYP5 Graduation Ceremony was held at our 1st floor Cafeteria.


Graduates are about to leave the MYP school life and accept the challenges of IBDP.


We look upon their confident smiles and see they are confident and ready to face the “Terrible DP” so-called by their senior schoolmates.


No matter K2, PYP5 or MYP5, it seems an end, but it is also the beginning of a new journey! Farewell to the past, and set sail for the bigger dream. As you look forward to your new studies in academics, we look forward to guiding you in your journey. Children, we salute you!