International Community Festival 国际日盛典|心的相聚,梦的延续


On September 21, Changchun American International School's Annual International Community Festival came to the end and received universal praise.


This year we made big changes. People could join the parade and enjoy food and performances outdoors. Our community members, who are from 33 different countries and regions, gathered together to celebrate the international day in our unique way.


Country Table Visiting


Who can travel to 33 countries and regions in one hour? Everybody at CAIS can! On each table in the 1st Floor foyer, you could see the essence of a country’s national culture. Each guest had a ''passport", and they could collect the stamps from all 33 country tables and learn about the different cultures on display. This was really a fun part of the day!


International Parade & Performance


The International Parade has always been a tradition on our international day. Accompanied by each country national anthem, students held their national flags and walked through the beautiful campus. Each country's appearance was accompanied by the sound of cheers, just like the Olympic Games, which impressed all the community members.


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The International Concert was right after the parade. Our students showed their national performances. As a saying goes, culture belongs to the world. We sing for this beautiful world and express our wishes for hope and peace.


International Food


Lunch on International Day in CAIS turned out to be really International. There was food from many country's, including America, Turkey, Brazil, South Korea, Italy and India. Food is definitely a huge part of any culture. This was a fantastic opportunity to have a taste of authentic international food!


Game and Charity


This year, we added games, and students only needed to pay a small amount of money to play a variety of games. CAIS teachers organized the games, and they spared no effort in order to raise funds for the PTA. The food stall and game profits will be used to support the students' charitable activities.


The International Day Community Festival was a huge success. It made it possible for us to experience the cultures of different countries. It is also an extremely precious chance for our students to become more internationally minded. It shows our students that there are no national boundaries in education. All for one world, all for one dream!Let's do it!We can make it!

国 际日盛典活动,将不同国家和民族的文化拉近到我们身边来,这是一次心的相聚,让我们学会开放的,达观的去包容理解这个世界,也让我们重温了CAIS对历届 学生,对未来一代的期待:教育与文化,没有国界和种族的限制,为了同一个地球,为了同一个梦想,我们和你们任重而道远!