Letter to Parents 新学期致辞


Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Let me take this opportunity to welcome you to the CAIS community, whether for the first time or upon your return. 

I am sure you are looking forward to a well-earned rest over the weekend and have a chance to catch up with your children about their week.

On behalf of all the staff here at CAIS I would like to thank you for entrusting the education of your child to our school. We have a highly professional international teaching staff to facilitate the best learning experience for your children.

The first week

The first week has passed already and no doubt there have been issues for some degree for all students. Getting used to a regular school schedule again after a long summer is difficult. It is also perfectly natural for parents too to be anxious for their children. All students are starting new classes with new teachers and with many new classmates. Some are new to their programme, new to Secondary school or new to the DP. These are all big changes for young people to absorb. Here at CAIS we prepare students emotionally, socially and academically for the challenges ahead. Learning to work, collaborate, learn and play with different peers are essential skills that will help them through school, university and beyond. Although children are much more resilient than wht we parents imagine, together we will talk them through and overcome any issues and help them over the next few weeks. 

School Office Tel:   84581234-802/803

We have created a new School Office to deal with parent and student queries issues, including late arrival.  For all academic queries including messages regarding tardiness and absences, requests for report card reprinting, teacher meetings, translation during meetings, bus information etc.

Extra Curricular Activities  ECAs

This year to this end we have also adapted the schedule to allow for more sports, arts and activities in our new Extra Curricular Activities (ECA) programme. This will provide CAIS students with a holistic educational experience that allows them to develop a wide range of soft skills outside of the classroom context, including collaboration, planning, leadership, coping with failure, planning for success. The ECAs also help develop the attributes in the Student Learner Profile, in a non-classroom context. Our teachers are working hard to make this programme a success and there are a wide range of activities to satisfy all tastes. These include outdoor activities such as hiking, off-campus sports include badminton, swimming and football, and a myriad of other activities on campus including visual arts, theatre, music, game design, volleyball, golf, climbing, karate, baking chess to name but a few! Mr Owen will also be launching the prestigious International Award later in the school year and Mr Paul is leading a Scuba Diving trip to the Philippines. 


This year we will also start preparations for the Accreditation process by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). This process will involve input from the whole school community (the Board, parents, teachers and students) and will take around two years to complete. We will also offer an information session to parents on this sometime over the next few months. School website

Over the summer we have also been busy working on a new school website which is due to be launched in October. We have been working with Finalsite, the market leader in school web design since early March. Eventually this will also include parent and student portals to allow for more information to be accessible.

International Day- Parent request

We wish to expand international day into a day of activities that share cultures from our community. We are asking all parents to consider offering to prepare their national dishes, or help present a traditional performance in music or dance. We will be liaising with the PTA to make this happen and will be sending more information as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you and working with you and your child/ren to make this another highly successful year at CAIS. 

James Mc Crory

Head of School / Acting Secondary Principal







虽 然第一周的学习已经结束,但对于每位学生来说,或许多多少少遇到了一些困难。学生在漫长的暑假后,重新适应学校的常规作息时间的确有些困难。父母自然也会 担心孩子。新老师、新同学、新班级,每位学生都开启了新的征程。还有些同学升入了中学或是高中,开始了全新的课程学习。对学生而言,他们需要适应这些重大 变化。我们会帮助学生从情感、社交及学术方面做好准备,迎接未来的挑战。合作、学习、交往是学生必备的基本技能。掌握这些技能不但能帮助学生顺利地完成中 小学、大学的学习任务,还能使学生们终身受益。虽然孩子往往比父母想象的更有韧性,但如果学生遇到问题,我们会利用接下来的几周时间与学生交流,协助学生 解决问题。



课外活动 ECAs

本 学年学校调整了课程表,在课外活动(ECA)项目中增加更多体育、艺术及活动内容。课外活动为学生提供全面的教育体验,在课堂之外培养学生的软技能,如: 协作能力、规划能力、领导力、逆商、策划能力。课外活动项目通过非传统课堂模式培养孩子成为具有IB培养目标特质的学生。教师们全力以赴举办各种课外活动 项目,通过多种多样的活动满足学生的需求。其中包括户外活动,如徒步、校外羽毛球、游泳、足球及校内活动如视觉艺术、戏剧、音乐、游戏制作、排球、高尔 夫、攀岩、空手道、烘焙、国际象棋等。Owen老师将在本学年开展享有盛誉的爱丁堡公爵国际奖项目,同时Paul老师将会组织学生去菲律宾进行水肺潜水之 旅。







James Mc Crory