Why is Art Important?为什么艺术课这么重要?|MYP & DP Art Work中学部艺术作品赏析

CAIS长春美国国际学校 昨天

Li,Jia En李佳恩(Amy) MYP4

The traditional understanding of art focuses on technique, however, in our IB Art program, we don’t only focus on technique, we also teach critical and creative thinking, conceptual ideas, art history appreciation, and self-expression.


From Left to Right, from Top to bottom:

MYP3- Felske, Juri  Zhang, Amy Sydney   Koormann,Marla  Persigehl,Natalie  Peake 

Through art, we not only create emotional connections with others, but we analyze and we learn to understand our own emotions.


DP1-Wang,Wen Jia王文佳(Dolly)

All works of art created by children are based on their values and understanding of the world. Therefore, art is the platform for children to understand each other. Art communicates different cultural backgrounds, societal norms, value systems, and individual experiences all without the need for a common language.


From Left to Right, from Top to bottom:

DP1-Wang,Wen Jia王文佳(Dolly)  MYP4-Zhang,Hyoseong(Daniel)  Xiao,Yi Ran肖一然 (Mark)  Davis,William H

From manufacturing to creation, China is moving forward. Teamwork, inclusiveness and creativity are the talents required for the future.


MYP4-Liu,Jin Yue刘今越(Anny)

You are not just a consumer of the world, but a World Citizen with a great responsibility to make a difference!


From Left to Right, from Top to bottom:

MYP4-Wang, Zhuo Yu王茁宇(Mickey)  Li,Cheng Xuan 李承轩(Lee)   Zhang,Hyoseong(Daniel)