Running for Charity |CAIS慈善跑—捐助甜太阳幼儿园项目


The CAIS charity project, raising funds for Sweet Sun Kindergarten by attending Jingyuetan Forest Marathon, reached a perfect end on the 16th of June.


We started the race on the morning of June 16th. We believe everyone enjoyed running in the beautiful sunshine and fresh air. As one of the marathon participants, CAIS was aiming to raise funds for Sweet Sun Kindergarten so that they can purchase new books, tables, chairs and other stuff they may use.


Thank you to all the students, parents, and teachers who participated in and supported this project. This time we raised 9327.6 RMB in total. It is worth mentioning that one student, Aoife Boyle, raised 950 RMB by herself, that's 10% of the total money raised! All the donated funds will be given to Sweet Sun Kindergarten when the new semester starts.

感谢所有参加马拉松的同学,家长和老师们对甜太阳幼儿园公益项目的支持。本次共计筹集善款9327.6元人民币,值得一提的是,学生Aoife Boyle本次捐助了950元人民币,占了捐助总数的10%接下来,全部善款会在开学后捐助给甜太阳幼儿园。 

Just like the marathon spirit, we hope all CAIS students can continuously volunteer for community service and make a difference for a better world.


Our charity projects will keep going in the new semester!