2019 Earth Day-Make the Future Brighter by Acting Today 地球日


Earth Day has become a traditional CAIS event. The aim of implementing this project is to inspire students to protect the earth,which is the only planet that we live on.


<Organic Farm Project>


On April 19th, 40 MYP students joined the Organic Farm Project. After visiting the greenhouses, students got a general idea of how the plants grow and what types of plants can grow in the northeast of China.


After visiting the farm, they had the task of planting small pepper seedlings. 


Since experiencing the whole process of planting, students learned that growing plants was not as easy as they had thought it would be. They also came to realize the importance of treasuring food and protecting all species in the world.


<Planting Trees>


On Earth Day this year, our MYP and DP students planted trees in Shuangyang District. Green is the most beautiful color on the earth. 


This was our 3rd year planting trees. Although with different students each year, the concept of making service and taking action is always the same. 


<Jingyue Park Hiking>


Raising awareness about protecting the environment is also an important part of the Earth Day plan. Students who live in the city have less chance to get close to nature, so we asked the students to hike in the Jingyue Park, which is a great opportunity for them to feel nature and embrace the green. 


This year marks the 50th Earth Day in the world. There are thousands of ways to protect the earth, but we believe teaching is one of them, which can deeply change the teenagers’ minds from generation to generation. We encourage our students to be involved in global issues and take action to make our community and the earth better and better.


We have only one Earth. Change begins with us!