PI (π) Day数学竞赛-我们的π,无所不在的数学

美校宣 CAIS长春美国国际学校

May I ask you a question? How many digits can you recite PI from memory?


Maths is full of mystery! On PI Day, March 14, a "PI Day" Competition was held in order to celebrate PI Day and to inspire students' enthusiasm about Maths. CAIS Maths Teachers invited all the MYP and DP students to participate in this event.

数学就是这么充满奥秘!314日,和π3.14一样的日子,这一天为了纪念人类发现了圆周率这个规律,也为了激发学生们对数学的热忱,数学组最强教师团队邀请了所有MYPDP学生参与了一场竞争激烈的πDay 最强大脑比赛。

Simply speaking, we divided students into different groups and they had the competition in rounds. What they gained during the competition was not only speed, intelligence but also team collaboration as well.


Students' reflection after the competition: They all agreed that the maths problems of the competition were very innovative. 

"Teachers like to set some tricky questions. We can hardly work them out if we don’t think hard. But in general, it was exciting and full of fun. We really enjoyed it. "


Teachers' reflection after competition: We really felt happy to see the fierce competition. We also made a Pie, the same sound as π, to celebrate our great subject. We believe that the positive competition and a united team will surely help students reflect themselves. The communication after the competition was also important. Different solutions to the same problem can open up their minds and inspire them to solve problems in flexible ways. 


We are sure that you or your friends have complained how boring and difficult Maths is. However, we can hardly explore other fields in the world without the help of Maths.



Maths is the foundation of many subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. In the long process of the development of the human civilization, Maths has already penetrated every bit of our life. Calculus is used to design the best turning point and time for racing drivers. The golden section ratio has been widely used in the art of photography and paintings. Mathematics modeling helps the supermarket to predict the sales and inventory in different modes……


Maths emphasizes laws, but there isn’t any pattern behind the decimal point in π. It’s an amazing world, isn’t it?


Congratulations to the champion team and thank you all to the Maths teachers for preparing the PI Day activities and baking the delicious Pie. What will the surprise be that the Maths teachers will bring to us for the next PI Day? Stay Tuned!

恭喜冠军团队们,感谢所有数学组教师准备的π Day活动和可口的派!下次π DayCAIS数学组会带来什么创意呢?敬请期待!